New Inventor's Portal

There are plenty of Web sites, agencies and legal companies providing information and services on how to apply for a patent for a new invention. However, it is not clear to many inventors whether patenting their invention is a good investment or even the right direction to go, especially given the high cost of applying and maintaining a patent.

The goals of this portal are:

  1. Help new inventors understand the potential of their invention and decide if patenting is the right avenue to proceed.
  2. Provide the resources to inventors to do their own research of the prior art and see how their invention fits to the existing IP landscape.
  3. Connect inventors with scientific or legal experts who can assist in evaluating or refining their invention.

This portal will be constantly udated with new articles, discussions, tools and useful links. The current organization of the site is as follows:
  • Innovation Research Tools. A dynamic and growing set of tools to explore the IP landscape and evaluate new ideas.
    • Search prior art. PatentsSearcher applies cutting edge unniversity research on searching and relevance ranking algorithms. Existing patents search engines just apply existing Information Retrieval algorithms to the patents database, viewing patents as regular text documents. In contrast, PatentsSearcher s algorithms have been created and customized for the special properties of the patents domain. In addition to the high ranking quality, which is our primary focus, our system offers a rich set of features like filtering, advanced search, bulk pdf creation, Excel export and more.
    • Find experts. This tool employs novel algorithms to find the most authoritative experts for a topic. Patents and publications, weighted by their importance, are used to estimate the importance of each author or assignee.
    • Idea Evaluator is the first automated tool that evaluates an idea, expressed in plain text, and estimates its value across various dimensions.
  • Innovation Knowledge Base:
    • FAQ page is a constantly growing list of questions and answers focused on the pre-patenting invention stage. The questions and answers come from our own research, from distilling knowledge from other existing resources (e.g., other Web sites), or from filtering our forums' discussions.
    • Forums are the place to post and discuss topics relevant to the goals of this portal, which are nt adequately addressed by the FAQ section.
    • Useful links are pointers to useful resources.

The whole site has been named after our original IP exporation tool, PatentsSearcher .