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Welcome to PatentsSearcher Beta

New Features in Free Beta Version

News and Blogs SearchNEW

Patent AnalyticsNEW Jump to Patent Analytics tool.

Find ExpertsNEW Jump to Find Experts tool.

International PatentsNEW

Superior Discovery and Ranking

PatentsSearcher, which has started as a university project, applies cutting edge research on searching and relevance ranking algorithms.

We found that existing patent search engines just apply existing Information Retrieval algorithms to the patents database, viewing patents as regular text documents. This simplistic view leads to suboptimal search effectiveness.

In contrast, PatentsSearcher's algorithms have been created and customized for the special properties of the patent domain, after interviewing many patent attorneys and domain experts. This leads to the discovery of relevant patents, even if they are not obviously related (e.g., they do not have the query keywords in the abstract or title).

Give it a try to find results that other search engines would miss.

Search Classes, Inventors, Assignees

Find the most influential inventors or assignees on a topic.

Locate the most relevant classes for a query.

Advanced Results Navigation

Rank results by various dimensions like relevance score, date, publication date.

Filtering the results by assignee, class, inventor, and so on.

Export Capabilities

View the pdf file of a patent, or the merged pdf of a collection of patents.

Export the query results in Excel format.

Patents Cart

Add result patents to the Patent Cart, where patents can be annotated and exported to Excel or pdf.

Advanced Patent Information

Get patent family and legal status of patents.

More to come

This is an ongoing project and we continue expanding, refining and improving our system on a daily basis, so visit us again.